Strengthening & Development Programmes

BVA The Practice provides tailored strengthening and development programs for organisations in the regulatory and compliance sector which operate in a forensic, legal, and court setting.

Each public organisation has different needs. The team at BVA The Practice will be able to create a unique and easy-to-understand seminar or workshop to ensure everyone can feel confident in the courtroom.

These bespoke programs will improve skills needed for investigations, criminal procedure, time frames, analysis of evidence and prosecution decision making.

Our experienced prosecutorslawyers can also provide cross-examination drills and video feedback in giving evidence. This ensures your regulatory and compliance team are better prepared. The unexpected happens in court and your team needs to confidently give accurate, clear, and comprehensive evidence and witness statements.

We have provided strengthening and development programs for:

  • Senior regulatory & compliance management
  • Uniform Branch & Criminal Investigation Branch of NZ Police
  • Government & Investigation teams
  • Prison management


“The team at BVA The Practice will develop a unique,easy-to-understand and tailored program to ensure everyone will feel confident in the courtroom.”

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