Crown Prosecution Practice

Led by Ben Vanderkolk, who was appointed Crown Solicitor in 1987, lawyers of high standing and integrity have been conducting Crown Prosecutions in the Palmerston North region. Ben has prosecuted over 40 murder trials and well in excess of 400 jury trials involving sexual offending, fraud, drug dealing and large scale drug manufacturing.

Ben has prosecuted many high profile trials. These trials draw intense public and media interest, including: the murders of Christine and Amber Lundy, the Scott Guy case, the Nicholas Pike case, and the murder of 10-year old Craig Manukau over 20 years ago.

Over the years BVA has forged a reputation for its independence, impartiality, integrity, and fairness, meeting the exacting expectations of Solicitors General and Attorneys General.

Ben has led a culture of understanding and acting on the needs of victims and families who suffer harm of serious crime. We are resolute in our empathy for victims and families who are confused, and frightened – finding themselves under intense scrutiny in an unfamiliar environment, while dealing with loss and tragedy.

Well established and effective working relationships with the Crown Solicitors’ Network and senior members of the NZ Police enables BVA to provide to the public of New Zealand strong Crown Prosecution credentials.

“Crown Prosecution is a privilege and we prosecute high quality trials that must be heard in the public interest.”

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